Shine On Sisters, Inc.


The amazing SOS Team include dynamic women from diverse backgrounds,  who are dedicated to sharing their wisdom and knowledge with young ladies to help shape them into strong confident leaders of the future.

SHINE                                          ACT                                       LEAD



The Shine On Sisters (SOS) team created an organization designed to empower and encourage girls to SHINE, ACT, & LEAD!

Our Belief

How do you inspire girls to shine?  This is the question that we wrestled with at our very first team meeting in 2009, comprised of female community members from varying professional backgrounds.  We thought that the best way to begin attempting to answer this question was to look inward.  We handed each volunteer a sheet of paper with the heading Tips for Teen Girls, the subtitle read: "Include issues that are affecting our teens today, and impart knowledge you wish someone had told you when you were a teenager.  This is our chance to truly inspire and elevate the thinking of our youth."  This exercise was eye opening.  We quickly realized that the foundation of our organization must be student centered and that we must draw on the instructive qualities inherent in the personal stories and experiences of our Shine On Sisters (SOS) team members.